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India's dodgy AIDS drug brothers who were funded by AUD taxpayers arrested on fraud charges

Australia bought phony untested AIDS drugs from a crooked Indian firm - thanks to Bill Clinton

I'm often asked why the Clinton Foundation frauds matter.

Here's one bad example of Clinton's behaviour.

Bill Clinton dealt with the dregs of monied society.

He sucked Australia in to funding his dodgy friends too.

Not one cent of ours should have gone within cooee of the dodgy Singh brothers from India and their fake drugs.

But, as DFAT confirmed to me in writing last year

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The following may be attributed to a spokesperson for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

“Prior to 2013, a small amount of Australian aid money was expended on Ranbaxy pharmaceutical products in Papua New Guinea to support the PNG Government’s health programs.”

Kind regards

On 23 October 2003 the "Office of Former President William Jefferson Clinton" announced an "Agreement on Major Reduction in Price of AIDS Drugs" from the likes of Indian companies Matrix, Cipla and Ranbaxy.

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Bill went to India for photos with the smiling Singh brothers, owners of Ranbaxy Laboratories.

These men were the dregs of the illegal drug trade producing unreliable generic copies of patented drugs.

Bill visited to help tell the world of Ranbaxy's glee at "joining hands" with his library.

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Ranbaxy Joins Hands with Clinton Foundation on Drugs for HIV/AIDS

Monday, October 27, 2003 4:48PM IST (11:18AM GMT)

New Delhi, Delhi, India

Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited (Ranbaxy), announced the signing of an agreement with The William Jefferson Clinton Foundation that will lead to a significant reduction in the price of HIV/AIDS drugs. This initiative will bring Anti Retroviral drugs (ARVs), now regarded as life-saving and essential drugs in many countries, within easy access to millions of people suffering from HIV and AIDS in developing countries.

The agreement covers countries in Africa and the Caribbean regions like, South Africa, Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania, Haiti, The Bahamas, Dominican Republic, and The Organization of Eastern Caribbean States. Around 1.5 to 2.0 million patients are estimated to benefit from this programme by 2008.

Presently, the agreement covers fixed dose combination of 

  • Triviro-LNS Lamivudine+Stavudine+ Nevirapine), 
  • Aviro-LZN (Lamivudine+Zidovudine+Nevirapine), 
  • Coviro (Lamivudine+ Stavudine), and Efavirenz. 

These drugs are already available in several countries.


Yes they were already available in several countries.  But "several countries" weren't paying money to Bill like the Ranbaxy boys did.

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 7.02.39 am

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 7.10.00 amJust after Bill's visit to Ranbaxy, a man called Dinesh Thakuran joined the company.

He was a pharma industry executive with a solid background in other legitimate pharma businesses.

Thakur knew what he was on about when he told his bosses the data required by the FDA to prove the effectiveness of Ranbaxy drugs was dodgy.

"The data's important because the FDA or other agencies globally look at that information to give you marketing authorization to sell the drug," Thakur says. "We started getting the files, and, lo and behold, we find that none of that exists in the first place. ... It means that we've gotten approvals from the FDA to sell drugs that were based on no data, or data that was fraudulent."

No one could say with certainty what was in any pills that came out of the Ranbaxy factory.  No batch-linking to the data created during the manufacturing process could ever be supplied because it did not exist.  If any files were created they were products of a wishful thinker with a creative information.  The brothers Singh did nothing.

"I was dumbfounded," he says. "I've worked in this industry for 11 years at that point and never seen such callous behavior."

He points to an incident where his young son was prescribed a Ranbaxy antibiotic for a fever.

"He kept getting worse, so we got another company's formulation and the fever went away," he says, adding that incident made him realize "I had to do something."

Meanwhile Bill was in India for photos with the men behind the killer drugs the Clinton Foundation sent around the world into a market for misery it had created for the purpose.

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On 4 August 2004 the World Health Organisation banned the very drugs from the dodgy brothers that were at the heart of Clinton's discount drugs warehouse deals.

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Here's a snapshot of the drugs removed from the approved list, followed by a snapshot of the Ranbaxy release naming the drugs in the Clinton agreement.

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 9.30.27 am

Clinton made much of his "exclusive" contract and its list of pharmaceuticals available at cheaper prices.

In fact the prequalification programme list was a WHO publication first sent out in 2001.

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 9.34.16 am

In WHO's own words:

  • The list of prequalified medicinal products is used principally by United Nations agencies - including UNAIDS and UNICEF - to guide their procurement decisions.  But, the list has become a vital tool for any agency or organization involved in bulk purchasing of medicines, be this at country level, or at international level, as demonstrated by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.


Dinesh-thakurIn 2005, Thakur blew the whistle.  Amongst other places Thakur took his information to the US FDA.

The FDA took him seriously.

Its investigation found Ranbaxy had a "persistent ... pattern" of submitting "untrue statements."

On at least 15 new generic drug applications, auditors found over 1,600 data errors. The FDA concluded that their drugs were "potentially unsafe and illegal to sell."

In 2008, the FDA prohibited Ranbaxy from shipping drugs to the U.S. from two Indian plants. But the company continued to sell drugs in the U.S. from its other Indian facilities.

Clinton knew all about that.  Anyone remotely connected to the pharmaceutical industry knew all about it.   It was all over the WHO and UN websites and was common knowledge openly discussed at the many "global fora" where Bill delivered keynote speeches.

By 2013 the US Department of Justice found Ranbaxy was guilty of major frauds and fined the company $500M.     

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 7.10.58 am

The Singh boys walked away scot free.   Under the Obama administration that was justice.  The Singhs sold Ranbaxy to Daiichi after a few years of inflated sales volumes thanks to the Bill and Ira drug distribution racket.   Daiichi ended up with a dented reputation and a fine for half a billion dollars.

Here's one half of the sinning Singhs with the purchaser of his lemon in 2008.

Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 8.00.39 am

Now glance up at the US Justice Department snapshot.  Its lengthy investigations, court cases and internal processes were finalised in May 2013.

Just weeks ahead of Obama's Justice Department's final announcement, Bill Clinton had one last thing he wanted to do for his dodgy friends at Ranbaxy.



Here's Julie Bishop re-signing a deal with the CHAI (no, not the de-registered Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative Inc that we contracted with, this is the all new CHAI, the Clinton Health Access Initiative) in 2013.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.21.26 pm

Clinton is a crook, pure and simple.   I've reported on the US court findings here on this website.   I've shown you the emails from US regulators.   What is it with our politicians who are prepared to excuse the inexcusable?