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Indonesian call for Islamic Jihadis to register to fight in Jihad against locals of West Papua

My translation of the first few lines of the banner:

Allah uh-Akhbar!!!

The call of Jihad for Muslims in the whole of Indonesia

Registrations are open across the whole of Indonesia.........


Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 7.31.54 am
Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 7.31.54 am

More from Radio NZ

Front Jihad Islam, or FJI, issued a call to arms in the Indonesia-ruled Papuan provinces after non-Papuan settlers were among the victims of recent violence there.

Unrest has surged in Papua region since August, including a day of rioting and violence in the Highlands city of Wamena two weeks ago when about 30 people were killed.

The unrest came off the back of widespread public demonstrations by West Papuans protesting against racism and calling for a referendum on independence from Indonesia.

According to Indonesia's government, more than 11,500 people have been evacuated from Wamena since then due to safety fears. That many of these people are settlers from other parts of Indonesia has caused concern and prompted action back in Java.

FJI has been busy spreading its message online, replete with videoed torching of the Papuan Morning Star Flag and banners calling for Jihadis to be recruited for fighting in Papua against Papuans.