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Labor Party commemorate's GILLARD's speech in support of Peter "women's bits are like mussels" Slipper

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The question before the House on that day was "should Peter Slipper should be removed as Speaker?".

Julia Gillard had poached Slipper from the Liberal Party.

To get the Member for Mussels she first had to roll a very good Speaker in Harry Jenkins.  

Sorry Harry.

Slipper priced himself highly.  

Luckily Gillard didn't care what Slipper wanted if he'd abandon Tony Abbott and the Liberals.  

He could name his price.  

And he did.

Gillard rewarded Slipper's treachery with lace collars, black robes, long stockings and other regalia.

Remember his joy at prancing around in the silky gear?

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It came to a head when Slipper's text messages were subpoenaed and published by the Federal Court.

Slipper drew attention to the cause of women like no MP before him.

As Speaker he'd be responsible for meeting, greeting and escorting foreign heads of state.

Imagine the pride Gillard would have felt in greeting say, Angela Merkel with Slipper by her side musing on mussels.


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When Slippers treatise on the status of women became public, Tony Abbott made an impassioned speech.  

Abbott said Slipper couldn't remain as Speaker. 

Gillard opposed Abbott's motion and gave an impassioned speech in support of Slipper.  Go figure.

A few Australian journalists saw the speech for what it was. 

Michelle Grattan wrote "it sounded more desperate than convincing".

Peter Hartcher said Gillard "chose to defend the indefensible".

Even Peter van Onselen reported that the Gillard government had "egg on their collective faces".

And now the Labor Party is commemorating Gillard's support for Mussel Man in Brine.

What a bunch of maggots.

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