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I owe you an explanation on the GILLARD private prosecution

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Churchill also said, "“Never give up on something that you can't go a day without thinking about.”

It's good advice.

The first night I sat in defamation lawyer Bruce Burke's office with Bob Kernohan I knew that the corruption in The AWU Scandal was an important matter for our country.

It is for you too, because it goes to the character of what it means to be Australian.

I will never give up.

Far too many people and institutions have surrendered to Julia Gillard.

News Limited did.

Fairfax did.

The Liberal Party did.

Tony Abbott did.

Victoria Police did.

Western Australia Police did.

And so have dozens of politicians to whom Dave McAlpine and I have written, or with whom we've met.

I know I've tested the patience - and character - of people I've admired.

And found them wanting.

The Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions can intervene in my private prosecution at any point.

And it can choose to continue with it, or to withdraw the charges.

It applies a two-fold test to that decision.

Is the prosecution likely to result in a conviction?

Is the prosecution in the public interest?

Dave McAlpine and I have been working on a range of measures better to inform the public of the gravity of this offending.

Time and again we've had doors closed in our faces.

I fully understand Ms Gillard's offending and because of that, I have a duty to bring the offending to the attention of authorities.

When those authorities fail in their duty, my resolve grows stronger.

I have a pivotal conference on Monday.

I'll let you know how that goes.

Listen carefully to Ms Gillard, Ralph Mineif, Ray Neal and Ralph Blewitt.

Would you give up and let this matter pass through to the keeper?

I give you my word, I will never give up.

Every touch leaves its trace.



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Marise Payne's DFAT staff set up a "Minister Penny Wong" email account on eve of last election

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The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade set up an official e-mail address for Penny Wong in the lead-up to the election, which listed her as “Minister”.

DFAT secretary Frances Adamson told Senate estimates on Thursday that the “shell address” was set up for Labor’s foreign affairs spokeswoman on the Friday night before the May 18 election.

She said the address, which was not activated, was needed to ensure the “Red Book” incoming government brief could be delivered to Senator Wong if Labor won the election.

“The judgement was made that in order to be equally ready to serve an elected government, whatever its complexion, this was something that we needed to do,” Ms Adamson said.

“I want to be absolutely explicit that DFAT, as a department of impartial public servants, had no view on what the election outcome would be.”

In a global address list, Senator Wong’s title was referenced as “Minister” under the name Wong, Penny Y.

An email address was also prepared for a member of Senator Wong’s staff.

Ms Adamson said Senator Wong was not made aware of the email account, and did not request it.

Senator Wong told estimates that DFAT and secretary Adamson “have a very fine reputation of impartiality”.

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The PM gives veterans equal billing with Aborigines in speech at literary awards. Thank you for your service,

Magnificent work Prime Minister, well done Sir.

Those few simple words at the start of his speech at the Prime Minister's Literary Awards that mean the world to veterans.

Can I also acknowledge any members of the Australian Defence Forces and veterans who are with us and say thank you for your service.

Thank you Prime Minister.


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AOC makes me feel sorry for Mark Zuckerberg

AOC is a horrible, hectoring control freak!

She doesn't pose real questions, rather she delivers lectures without even waiting for the answers.

And if you can't sense the grab for greater control over what she sees as good versus bad political ads, you're not paying attention!