PM Morrison - please please please get us out of the UN
NSW Labor wants to become honest, go straight and drop its "whatever it takes" culture. So it's having a review.

President Trump invites Little League kids for a burn on Air Force One with him

I'll let Jeff of FNQ tell the story!

The Little League World Series Champions (from Louisiana) met with President Trump in the White House on Friday. Then President Trump surprised the team and invited the La Eastbank All Stars to fly with him in Air Force One back to Louisiana where he was holding a rally. Then tonight at the Lake Charles rally President Trump invited the kids back up on the stage. 

President Trump will be reelected in 2020 because of his ability to bypass the gatekeepers of the mainstream media and connect directly with people like this.  

It's heartwarming and lovely to see such great values of teamwork, generosity of spirit, good humour and family values on display.   

Good for them!