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Ralph Blewitt records video for the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions over GILLARD's false evidence to Trade Union Royal Commission

Ms Gillard was shown this letter while on the witness box at the Trade Union Royal Commission:



Mr Stoljar shows Ms Gillard the memo she states that she sent to Mr Blewitt.



Stoljar, "Rule 3A precludes the regulation of relations between workers and employers.  How would this rule operate with the existing rules?

Gillard, "The enquiry was about whether this association would seek to operate as a trade union.   This was a formulation about seeking to regulate awards......"

Mr Stoljar asked the very logical question - why not just write back and say this is just a fundraising entity for elections.

Ms Gillard states that the advice she gave Blewitt is in the memo.  She was asked whether she gave advice about the need for a resolution of the association to give effect to the rule change.  

Stoljar, "You were causing Mr Blewitt to write giving a personal undertaking that the rules would be changed."

Gillard states that whether Mr Blewitt acted on that advice is a matter for him.


That evidence was false evidence.

In fact Ralph was advised to write out a cheque for $22 and to lodge an appeal, prepared by Ms Gillard to the Minister responsible for corporate affairs to overturn the Commissioner's decision to refuse incorporation of the association.

Here's the cheque.

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 11.04.01 am

Mr Blewitt's evidence correlates with the evidence of the former WA Corporate Affairs Commissioner Mr R.P. Neal.

Former WA Corporate Affairs chief gives sworn evidence for Gillard prosecution

A former WA corporate affairs chief has provided sworn evidence for the criminal prosecution of Julia Gillard over her allegedly misleading and deceptive evidence to the Trade Union Royal Commission.

The prosecution relates to the use of an apparently forged letter during Ms Gillard's evidence to the Royal Commission.

The letter, addressed to Ms Gillard, purports to have been written and signed by Ray Neal, then the Assistant Director of WA's Office of State Corporate Affairs.

On Friday Mr Neal said, "I didn't write that letter."

"I didn't sign that letter."

"I didn't authorise anyone to write or sign the letter."

"The letter contains an unlawful offer.  My office could not lawfully have made that offer. My office always acted within the law."


This letter is a forgery.

More to come.

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