Criminal complaint to the FBI re Downer and a $25M fraudulent donation to the Clinton Foundation
Who puts a Vietnamese earthmoving contractor in charge of $11M HIV/Aids contract in Papua New Guinea?

Who hands over $25M in taxpayer money to The Clintons with no deliverables and no targets? Alexander Downer.

In 2006 a star-struck Alexander Downer signed an MOU to donate $25M in Australian taxpayer money to the Clinton Foundation.

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The first "project" involved Downer gifting the Clintons $11M under the heading HIV/AIDS in Papua New Guinea.

A horrifying audit report followed.

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The audit report is here: 

Here are some direct quotes:

  • assessment of value for money has not been possible due to insufficient financial information in project reporting
  • the inadequacy of project documentation has quite significantly affected the ability to undertake a systematic evaluation of the project.
  • inadequate outcome indicators against one consistent set of objectives limits the extent to which there can be an acceptable discussion about effectiveness.

The Audit noted the project had

  • no statement of project goal or purpose,
  • no clear Program Area objectives and
  • no targets

The auditors noted:

A Funding Agreement was signed in July 2006 between the government of Australia and CHAI. This outlined the terms and conditions of the arrangement between AusAID and CHAI for the implementation of CHAI in PNG. This agreement states that “the parties agree to monitor the Program against the Program Milestones and evaluate it against the Program Outcomes.” The defining document against which this occurs is the Program Workplan 2006- 2009. As noted above there is no stated objective/outcome in this document (or any documents subsequent to this) for the whole project (and associated indicators). Outcomes or objectives for each of the AoC are not articulated (thus no indicators provided). It is therefore impossible for this part of the agreement to be adhered to.

the overarching goal/purpose/objective of the CHAI was never clearly articulated, and thus no indicators to measure its achievement have been presented in any project documentation. 

In the absence of a clear statement of objectives at the overall project level, and objective statements without indicators at the Program Area level it is not possible to say with any degree of confidence whether CHAI has been effective.