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1973 ABC story on Club of Rome, one world government and computer predictions of the end of civilisation

PeterC wrote to us this morning:


Please take a look at this clip from our ABC in 1973. The title says it all. Computers predicted, and the ABC dutifully reported, that by next year 2020 many of us will be dead and the earth is doomed.

Note, this propaganda all stems from the Club of Rome - these are guys behind the global cooling scare of the 70's and when that didn't work they came up with the global warming scare. Here they are promoting the idea of the pollution and overpopulation scare. When will people realise that all these scenarios are driven by these elite fools whose only real objective is to reduce human population to a published target of below 2bill and pref. 500m.

Anyway, there is our ABC spewing climate propaganda since 1973. Please post this is a story - people should know - I won't be surprised if the ABC remove this story.