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Chinese Embassy's formal statement on refusing visas to Andrew Hastie MP and Senator James Paterson


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Remarks by the Embassy Spokesperson in response to the Inquiry on Andrew Hastie and James Paterson's Planned Visit to China

China is open to constructive dialogue and exchanges with people all around the world on the basis of mutual respect, equality and seeking common ground while reserving differences. The Chinese people do not welcome those who make unwarranted attacks, wantonly exert pressure on China, challenge China's sovereignty, disrespect China's dignity and undermine mutual trust between China and Australia. The colonial days of Western powers are long gone. China will never yield to colonization of ideas and values. As long as the people concerned genuinely repent and redress their mistakes, view China with objectivity and reason, respect China's system and mode of development chosen by the Chinese people, the door of dialogue and exchanges will always remain open.