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Rest in Peace Simon James Poxon - your brother Mick has brought you justice.

I want to pay tribute to one of the brothers with whom I joined the Australian Regular Army in 1978 - Michael Poxon.

Mick was an Army Apprentice motor mechanic, 11 Pl D Coy at the Army Apprentice School when I knew him.

He went on to win selection for the Special Air Service Regiment and served in special forces for more than a decade - that's him on the right of shot with some of my brothers-in-arms leading the Anzac Day parade in Canberra last year.

Screen Shot 2019-11-17 at 12.44.38 pm

Mick is now a copper in Tasmania.

He's also an inspiration to me and all of us who know him.

In February 2013 Mick and his family suffered an unimaginable but wholly avoidable tragedy.

Mick's brother Simon was at work at Sherrin Rentals, Toowoomba, a business that rented out construction equipment like travel towers, scaffolding and earthmoving gear.

Simon was standing between a piece of equipment and a Budget rental truck.  Another young employee had been told to move the Budget truck forward, but instead of complying with that instruction, he "inexplicably" as the coroner put it, reversed the truck into Simon killing him.

Queensland police initially wrote the matter off as an accident, with no one to be charged over Simon's death.

My mate Mick was having none of that.

He's been fighting for the past 6 years.

Last Friday he was vindicated.

Mick is a regular at this website, as are countless other quiet but very loyal brothers-from-another-mother.

Never give up.  Never, never, never give up.

Rest in Peace Simon.



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