Hansard - PM Morrison on the Gillard/AWU slush fund investigation
Video - PM Morrison quotes Ben Fordham of 2GB's account of statement of DETSGT Ross Mitchell about GILLARD investigation

The PM quoted Ben Fordham of 2GB who was quoting a discussion he had with Det Sgt Ross Mitchell of the Victoria Police

I can confirm that Ben Fordham's version of events is accurate.


The PM today did not make it clear that he was quoting Fordham who was quoting DETSGT Ross Mitchell - however I can confirm from discussion I had with DETSGT Ross Mitchell at the time that the quote the PM attributed to Mitchell is accurate, if second hand.

I was the complainant in the matter and was in daily contact with DETSGT Mitchell who headed up the Operation Tendement task-force of about a dozen detectives.

The Prime Minister's statement today is further confirmed by the contents of the Search Warrant executed on GILLARD's former office at Slater and Gordon:

Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 2.19.48 am

There is more sworn evidence from DETSGT Mitchell here