Shorten loyalists promise public retaliation as Bill cops election blame - this should be fun
Thursday arvo editorial - 7 November 2019

ABC managing director's tawdry, pathetic statement on Monday's QandA disgrace.

The ABC can't even apologise properly.

It has no idea what it's about.

That program on Monday was repulsive.  So were its participants

It called for violence.

And this is the ABC's attempt at damage control.

The statement below comes direct from the ABC's managing director, the artwork is Paul Zanetti's, spot on as always!.

Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 1.21.47 pm

Monday night’s episode of Q&A was presented in conjunction with The Wheeler Centre’s feminist ideas festival, ‘Broadside’. The intention of the program was to present challenging ideas from high-profile feminists whose expertise ranges across ageism, disability, Indigenous and domestic violence issues.

The ABC acknowledges that the program was provocative in regard to the language used and some of the views presented.

Q&A has always sought to tackle difficult issues and present challenging and thought-provoking content. However, I can understand why some viewers found elements of this episode confronting or offensive.

We have received audience complaints about the program, are assessing the concerns raised and will investigate whether the program met the ABC’s editorial standards.


What a complete editorial cop-out.

Why does the ABC's chief have to turn to someone else to "investigate" whether the program met the editorial standards FOR WHICH HE IS RESPONSIBLE!