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Another piece of evidence casts doubt on GILLARD's evidence to the Trade Union Royal Commission

Ms Gillard told the Royal Commission that she sent this memo to Ralph Blewitt, she followed by reinforcing her sworn (and I say false) evidence, "The advice I gave to Mr Blewitt is (this memo)":

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Thanks to reader Marmion and others for help in putting this all together.

There's a reason that law firms do not send legitimate communications to clients on plain paper, unsigned.

It's the L-A-W law.

In 1992 it was contained in the Solicitors (Professional Practice and Conduct) Rules.

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There's good reason the Memo is on plain paper and not on Slater and Gordon letterhead.

It was created after Mr Wilson and Ms Gillard were caught out in August 1995.

By then the Slater and Gordon letterhead had changed.

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All the misogyny speeches in the world can't cover up the facts.