Boris Johnson brilliant in Brexit Actually
Biden "I don't know what Hunter was doing in Ukraine", he smiles and laughs and expects us to believe him

Joel Fitzgibbon with retired miners - GILLARD and WILSON stole from orphans and widows of people just like this

Joel Fitzgibbon
Addressing the Hunter Region’s Retired Mineworkers: like those before them & those who’ve followed, they helped to build a strong local economy & vibrant, caring communities
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Joel is a good man and it's great to see him out and about with real workers like this.
It'd be a whole lot better yet if Joel's party showed it really cared about working people like these miners by at least looking at the evidence against GILLARD and WILSON - instead of running a protection racket for them.
Joel, please just take a look.

Ralph Blewitt accuses GILLARD and WILSON of fraud in miners fatality fund takeover

Here's the original Trust Deed - worked perfectly since 1946.


Original Fatality Fund Deed by on Scribd

And here's the misleading Gillard/Wilson Trust Deed - note the "is and was the intention of the mining committee"....

Slater and Gordon's Tru... by on Scribd

And here is a contemporaneous record of mining division secretary Vic Nicoletto denying that the miners who owned the fund approved on the Gillard/Wilson takeover plan.

Mr Nicoletto said until Mr Wilson's appointment the AWU hierarchy had nothing to do with the running of the fund.

"It has been run from the Goldfields all its life".

"But now Mr Wilson, for whatever reason, wants it transferred to Perth".

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