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Such things as will amaze you.

Lisa Page is suing the FBI over the release of the notorious text messages she exchanged with her lover Peter Strzok - using an FBI provided phone.

Her law suit, which you can read in full below, alleges

the officials who authorized the disclosure and their allies sought to use, and ultimately did use, the messages to promote the false narrative that Plaintiff and others at the FBI were biased against President Trump, had conspired to undermine him, and otherwise had engaged in allegedly criminal acts

False narrative hey Lisa?

Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 10.48.02 am

As reader Bill Thompson wrote to me this morning:

It's like a sick joke... She & loverboy spent every working day texting each other, on work phones, flaunting their bias & now she's suing because the shit has hit the fan?

Page-Suit-20191210 by Michael Smith on Scribd