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December 2019

Snake oil salesmen Waleed Aly apologises but blames the audio ... bullshit.

The Project is never to be trusted.
I am reliably told the video in question was part of a pool arrangement in which Channels 9,7 and 10 all had the same footage.
Channels 9 and 7 ran the  video in full and in context.
Only Peter van Onselen's devious Channel 10 edited the truth to make his nemesis the Prime Minister look bad.
Blaming the audio is bullshit.

Peter Van Onselen and Ten's misleading and deceptive editing

Here's Van Onselen on Ten "He's not my prime minister".

But wait, there was a lot more to come.

And finally,because too many times is not enough.

For more insight into how the left delude themselves - someone should be sacked for this.

Jason Morrison stands up to his then Fairfax bosses and Julia Gillard in September 2011

When I was suspended from 2UE Fairfax management gagged their staff from talking about either me or the Gillard/AWU affair.

During that week Gillard threatened to damage both News Ltd and Fairfax if either company pursued the AWU scandal.

Both companies and all their journalists folded to Gillard's demands.


One man stood up to his bosses and to Gillard and her corrupted government.

That took real guts and character.

Here he is.