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Tanya Plibersek says Labor should lead the way on stamping out corruption.

Tanya, if you're fair dinkum I have an offer you shouldn't be able to refuse.

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Labor frontbencher Tanya Plibersek says the party "let down" true believers with a NSW donations scandal, and has urged for a restoration of faith in democracy.

Senior Labor figure Tanya Plibersek has demanded her party lead the way on stamping out political corruption, conceding a recent NSW donations scandal "let down" true believers.

The former deputy leader is set to close a two-day Labor think tank conference in Sydney on Sunday as the party weighs its direction after a shock federal election defeat in May.

Ms Plibersek is expected to call for an urgent mission to restore confidence in Labor after the NSW branch was engulfed in a donations scandal.

Labor's Tanya Plibersek and Leader of the Opposition Anthony Albanese during Question Time.
Labor's Tanya Plibersek and Leader of the Opposition Anthony Albanese during Question Time.

"We have let down our true believers. Too many of us fail to meet the high standards expected of people in such privileged positions," the draft speech notes say.

"At the most blatant end of this is corruption - politicians shamelessly trading their authority for personal enrichment.

"Unfortunately, as those of us from NSW know, this has not been a sin restricted to our opponents."

She says scandals surrounding federal Liberals Angus Taylor and Gladys Liu encourage the perception corruption is widespread in Australia, despite it occurring in low levels.

Ms Plibersek will outline three key ways to tackle the issue.

Political donations reform, a national integrity commission "with teeth", and more controls around government advertising.

The federal Labor frontbencher says there's a vital need to rebuild trust in democracy.

"This will require effort and dedication from all Australians," Ms Plibersek will say.

"But the greatest effort should rightfully come from those who have done the most damage - politicians and the political class.

"Democracy isn't dead. But it's not feeling crash hot either."

Ms Plibersek will argue Labor needs to restore the electorate's faith on delivering essential needs including a stronger economy, secure jobs, and better health and education.

She will also support Barack Obama's criticism of "cancel culture" as a substitute for the real hard work of change.

"All of us have a responsibility to work cooperatively for the greater good. To seek a middle ground. To find a common cause."

On Saturday, federal Labor leader Anthony Albanese called for a crackdown on social media giants publishing fake news in his speech to the Towards 2022 conference.

He also threw his support behind press freedom and proposed allowing parliamentary debate on declarations of war.

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