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My interview today with Kathy Sherriff, complainant who alleges Bill Shorten raped her when she was 16

Victoria Police refuse Shorten rape complainant's FOI - "it would unreasonably divert resources from police operations"

Victoria Police hold a Brief of Evidence against Shorten and 1700 pages of documents including statements, photographs and 3 DVD's of audio recordings and interviews - but police tell the complainant that it would be an "unreasonable diversion of police resources" to let her know the details OF HER COMPLAINT - and the reason it hasn't been brought to court.
This is a scandal.
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A few weeks ago Kathy Sherriff wrote to Victoria Police to make a request under the FOI Act
"On 15 May 2019 I attended Spencer Street Victoria Police Station.  I provided the officer at the front desk with a further list of witnesses who could provide further evidence into my complaint that in mid-1986 I was raped at Portarlington, Victoria by William "Bill" Shorten.
Detective Senior Constable Georgia Connors and Detective Inspector Stephen Wilson, Cold Case - Sexual Crimes Squad both had carriage of my investigation.
I request a copy of all Victoria Police records relating to my complaint".

She's now received a letter back from Victoria Police saying police:
.......refuse your request on the basis that the work involved in processing the request would substantially and unreasonably divert the resources of Victoria Police from its operations.
Here's the clincher - the FOI chief writes:
I have caused a search for documents to be conducted by the Cold Case
- Sexual Crimes Squad, within the division of Crime Command, and I am
of the view that the work required to process your request would be a
substantial and unreasonable diverson of Victoria Police's resources.
The documents currently identified as falling within the scope of your
request total over 1,700 pages. These include documents relating to
the investigation, statements, photographs and the Brief of Evidence,
as well as 3 DVD's of audio recordings and interviews.
That's a hell of a lot of evidence.  
The decision not to prosecute Shorten involved the Solicitor for Public Prosecutions headed by John Cain Jr of the Labor Cain dynasty.  That decision and the reasons for it have never been made public.
Pell was successfully prosecuted on the word of one witness against him.
Kathy is furious and she has every right to be.
More soon.