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ABC QandA's Nayuka Gorrie explains it's cop cars she wants set alight, not the bush

This is the ABC QandA's Nayuka Gorrie.

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You may recall her from the ABC's 4 November 2019 episode of QandA - "Let's Burn Stuff"


The First Nations screenwriter Nayuka Gorrie told the show there was a case for violence from the perspective of the oppressed, saying Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people experienced it from “so many different places”.

“When you say violence begets violence, it’s almost sounding like it’s a level playing field which it’s not,” Gorrie said. “I wonder what our kind of tipping point in Australia’s going to be when people will start burning stuff? I look forward to it.”

Gorrie said First Nations Australians had “tried for 230-plus years to appeal to the colonisers’ sense of morality, which doesn’t seem to exist”.

“I think violence is OK because if someone is trying to kill you, there’s no amount of ‘but I’m really clever. I’m really articulate … ’ – no amount of that will save you. Let’s burn stuff,” Gorrie said.’’

Now that large parts of Australia are aflame, Ms Gorrie has refined her exhortation a bit.

It's not the bush she wants people to set alight.

Just police cars.

Seriously.  https://twitter.com/NayukaGorrie/status/1212961530293047297

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