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Adelaide councillor wants to ban all fireworks because they remind immigrants of bombs & wars


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  • Adelaide councillor Anne Moran wants to ban Sunday's Australia Day fireworks 
  • Ms Moran says they should be banned because they remind immigrants of war
  • Deputy Lord Mayor Alexander Hyde said his colleague's comments are 'absurd'  

An Adelaide City councillor says Australia Day fireworks should be banned because they remind immigrants of bombs and war.

Anne Moran sent an email to her colleagues on Monday calling for the cancellation of the pyrotechnics display at Elder Park on Sunday night. 

Ms Moran's email reads: 'Fireworks are extremely upsetting to some of the new immigrants because they remind them of the bombing and wars they have been traumatised by.'

The event is being run by the Australia Day Council, who are collecting funds with the Red Cross for bushfire victims.

Deputy Lord Mayor Alexander Hyde told InDaily Ms Moran's comments were 'absurd.'

'I would be very surprised if any new migrants contact Anne Moran at all, let alone on this issue... God help us if we’re subjected to such commentary for the rest of the council term,' Mr Hyde said.

Ms Moran defended her stance on the issue, and criticised councillors who disagreed with her position. 

'Sometimes loud explosions in the sky will remind people of bombs and bad times, so I'm not quite sure how that's distasteful,' Ms Moran said.

Ms Moran intends to propose that all fireworks celebrations in Adelaide are banned at the next council meeting on Tuesday.