Greta the Climate Child (*and others) - Guardian article with DEMANDS for the rest of us
Really terrific ADF video explains Army's contribution to bushfire recovery. Well done those men & women.

Auschwitz Memorial - testimony of engineer Fritz Sander who oversaw crematoria oven construction

There were educated people involved in Auschwitz.

Doctors selected Jews on unloading ramps.

Engineers & architects designed crematoria & gas chambers.

They believed in Nazi ideology & gave their knowledge at its disposal.

Education without morals and ethics can be very dangerous.

It happened once. 

It can happen again. 

Our freedom is our protection.

Never let it be taken from you, not one bit, not now, not ever.

This is the testimony of engineer Fritz Sander, akey member of TOPF & Sons; the largest of 12 companies that designed and built crematoria ovens for concentration and extermination camps during the Holocaust. The company also made ventilation systems for the gas chambers at Birkenau.

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