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Australia fails to stem increase in corruption - Transparency International Corruption Index out today




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Australia is among 21 nations where perceived corruption has worsened “significantly” over the past eight years, a new report says.

Transparency International released its latest corruption perceptions index on Thursday, ranking levels of perceived corruption in governments across the world.

Australia scored 77 from a possible 100, the same mark as last year. It means Australia has again failed to reverse a longer-term decline of eight points since 2012.

Only 22 countries have managed to significantly improve their scores since 2012, including Greece, Estonia and Guyana.

Australia is listed as being among 21 nations that have “significantly declined” in the same time period.

The Transparency International Australia chief executive, Serena Lillywhite, said the “corrosive” influence of money in politics was continuing to undermine government integrity.

“What the corruption perceptions index clearly shows is that the murkier the political donations trail is, the more corrupt a country is perceived to be,” Lillywhite told the Guardian.