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Herald luvvy Broede Carmody does glowing story on Indira Naidoo’s career but airbrushes a few truths

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Broede Carmody is apparently a culture reporter at The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald ....but he either doesn’t know his patch or just chooses to gloss over the facts to pay homage to the ABC. 
Indira Naidoo is a reasonably well known identity around the ABC a long time ago. She was a newsreader who was instantly recognisable in her day. 
That’s probably what Sydney’s 2CH thought too when they hired her to host their breakfast show over the last 2 years. 
But it didn’t work out. 
Indira ended up with a tiny average audience share of 2.4 % on commercial radio - and the show was cancelled. Radio is a tough business and you could call this a failure. 
Whatever it is, it’s a fact. 
ABC cultural fan boy Broede does a whole story on Indira’s new job on Radio National but decides her recent 2CH radio career wasn’t work reflecting on. 
So instead Indira is described as “much loved” and an ABC mainstay. The 2CH flop doesn’t get a mention. 
Contrast that to any story written about Alan Jones or Chris Smith or Karl Stefanovic or Kyle Sandilands anyone else. Anything salacious from the past always gets a dredging up. 
The left has its favourites and protects them at all costs. Anything ABC almost always gets the special treatment at the SMH & Age. 
Good luck to Indira but why does she get channel 9/Fairfax red carpet treatment?