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Committed leftist Hamish McDonald outlines how he'll make Q&A more than a lefty love fest ... he won't change a thing.

Macquarie Uni & UTS's radio 2SER "Naming, shaming & blaming" climate denialists, in the name of taxpayer-funded education

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From the 2SER website:

The mission of...2SER-FM is to provide a stimulating forum for learning and the expression of alternative ideas...

The Company is committed to freedom of enquiry and the pursuit of excellence in educational broadcasting 

2SER operates as a company limited by guarantee and is jointly owned by Macquarie University and the University of Technology, Sydney. Both institutions contribute an annual grant....

So far, so good!


2SER's 'pop up' bushfire breakfast program - naming, shaming and blaming climate denialists

Monday 20 January, 2020

In the midst of an unprecedented bushfire emergency a ‘pop up’ breakfast radio show is presenting rolling coverage and analysis naming and shaming climate denialists.
The month-long show, hosted by Tim Brunero on 2SER 107.3FM, will give Sydneysiders essential emergency information on who to blame for the smoky crisis engulfing the city.
“Some people say we shouldn’t play the blame game when it comes to the bushfire crisis. We agree, it’s not enough – we’ll be playing the name, shame AND blame game” says Brunero.
“We’re taking talkback, we’re hearing the anger that’s out there in this city literally choking on bad climate policy.
“We’re giving listeners the information they need to survive the fires - the phone numbers of politicians and corporations who’ve been the worst at dragging the chain on climate policy.
“We’ll be taking the fight to denialist politicians and their fluffers in the media.
“We’re sick of the political correctness that says we have to patiently give equal time to people who deny basic facts.
“Over 2000 homes have been destroyed and 30 lives lost, it’s time to get the nation’s business community, political class and media outlets to see sense.
“The ABC can't do this because they have to be painfully impartial, and commercial radio makes its money from the worst carbon polluters in the country, so this new ‘pop up’ show is the only dedicated program in Australia holding the most recalcitrant denialists and vested interests to account.”
2SER Program Director Anthony Dockrill says the new ‘pop up’ show will provide essential evidenced-based coverage and analysis of the bushfire disaster.
“Sydneysiders are furious at what’s happening to their city and their state and this show is providing an outlet for them.”

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