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Mayor of Kangaroo Island hops into Obama over false climate change link to bushfires

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As almost half of Australia's third largest island burned, its Mayor used social media to criticise former US president Barack Obama for connecting what he called "the very real and very urgent consequences of climate change" with Australia's bushfires.

Key points:

  • Barack Obama tweeted about more needing to be done about climate change
  • Kangaroo Island Mayor Michael Pengilly said Mr Obama was foolish and pathetic
  • Bushfires have burnt almost half of Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island Mayor Michael Pengilly responded to a tweet by Barack Obama by saying climate change was not connected with the bushfire that has burnt almost half of the 4,400 square kilometre island.

"So, so foolish in your pronouncement. My respect for you has totally evaporated. Pathetic," Mr Pengilly said of the former president on Twitter.

Mr Obama had tweeted a New York magazine article criticising the lack of international media coverage of the blazes.


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He also reserved a few choice words for The Greens and climate protesters.
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