Bill Shorten gets out the camera crew and tinkly piano music for a bushfire video
For their ABC, everything is climate-emergency, even bad driving

Miserable ghost Malcolm hooks in to "Trump the world's leading climate denier"



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What a tosser .


Malcolm the Terrible.

So bad, his own Party had to get rid of him. Exceeded only by one Julia GilLard, as Australia's worst Prime Minister.

Nothing Turnbull says has any relevance any more. Good bye Malcolm. If we don't hear from you for another 20 years, it will be too soon.


I thought Turnbull said or promised that he was not going to be outspoken (unlike Rudd) after quitting politics?

I didn't ever think it would be possible, but Turnbull is one supposed "Liberal" who I despise more than any Labor politician, living or dead.

He is not, and never was a Liberal in the Australian sense.


For goodness sake, why do we (they) still talk about climate change?

Are we too dumb to turn the argument and talk about a Marxist drive to strip wealthy countries of money, smash Capitalism, put some of the money in a few pockets and give the remainder to poorer countries to continue to squander?

We keep allowing them to drive the wording!


Turnbull: a little man of no consequence, no ideas and no loyalty to anyone but himself.

Julie of Geelong

He’s nearly as bad as KRUDD - can’t get rid of him either!!

Don’t they know when to give up?

We all know why Juliar keeps a low profile - don’t we??


President Trump "the world's leading climate denier" so sayeth "the world's leading
climate desperado".


The old Boomer Doomer vewy, vewy angry.


How does he know Trump is the biggest climate denier in the world? Who else has he asked about their views? Typical stupid statement without proof.


What a complete narcissistic fool is Turnbull. He has delusions of grandeur and has the brains of a gnat and that is if you can find them.

It is time this pompous little oaf disappeared into the ether and never to be heard of again.

It is on public record that climate change is all about the death of capitalism and has nothing to do with climate change. This is just the vehicle to beggar the world and make a few elitists richer e.g. Prince Harry and MeGain, Hollywood actors, Al Gore, etc, etc.


Malcolm, listen up. "Climate change" has always been an ideological issue.If it was a question of physics we would have stopped talking about it ages ago - unless of course the inconvenient truth is your family's exposure to, and investment in, renewables. The US is doing just fine thank you - energy independent,a world leader in fracking, and since 2005, a reduction in greenhouse emissions of 13% and power sector emissions reduction of 27.6%. Something to be said for being called "the world's leading climate denier".


Malcolm the miserable is throwing his toys out of his play pen again like a petulant child.


What an absolute loser in every sense of the word.


So now it's "global warming" again? That's completely different to "climate change".

Someone get some up to date talking points to Malcolm, ASAP. He's going off script again.

Geoff L

Careful Malcolm. Remember Mr Trump has missiles that can take a man out with no warning.


Absolutely NOTHING to do with windfarm investments.

I wonder how many lumps of coal he got for Christmas?

"when it’s just a question of physics"

Perhaps the Emer-rightasre Professor would like to explain the how "hide the decline/Mike's Nature Trick" pause [or indeed slight cooling] since 1998 could happen as the Atmospheric concentration of CO2 has continued to rise almost linearly?

Wouldn't you love a one on one formal debate between Mal & Tony on this?

mano o mano with "hockey sticks"............

Or a "Roast" from Monckton, Plimer, Joanne Nova & Jennifer Marohasey! Woo Hoo!!!

Liz of Vic


I was hoping that Mal had moved to New York or something.

He is a real traitor, I have no idea, why we still hear from him, he has nothing to contribute, never had.


Like your passion.
When ones knows about how Maurice Strong manipulated the UN, Gore was his underling along with Flannel here in Australia and green environmental vandal activists.


Is he still a member of the Liberal Party.
If so, he should not be.

seeker of truth

Malcolm forgets that he got it so wrong as Australia's leader and now he is getting it so wrong about Donald Trump and his Presidency. He cannot read the mood of the ordinary people because of the circles he mixes in. Will he sacrifice his trips to New York for vacations in the Big Apple in the name of climate change? I think not.

The Turnbulls are into a double barrel attack on Morrison, and you could say triple if you put Alex into the frame. Lucy has been tweeting re Morrison and climate change.

seeker of truth

Dumb and dumber raised their heads today about climate change. That was Turnbull and Shorten.

Shorten seems to have come out of hibernation with more interviews on TV lately and they have nothing to do with his portfolio. He's still gunning for that top job in Australia.


Non mates Melkim spews again.........

Jeff of FNQ

I wish he'd upset Hillary!

Stan M

Who let this ghost out of his box? He must be listening to prophets of doom from the spirit world.


How ever did Britain get on before the EU came to their "rescue"? As usual, Malcolm Turnbull is full of it.


Turnbull of course knows better than everyone else about everything, which why he is an ex-PM, and Trump is still president, and may well be re-elected.

Turnbull is suffering from an extreme case of Relevance Deprivation Syndrome.


I wonder how many solar cells he had to sell to pay the swapping of his anus and throat. Every time I see this pumped up pip squeak on line I swear I can smell crap.


Trump thinks its crock and carries on business as usual. Turdball thinks co2 is a problem, yet continues to live a lavish lifestyle with a massive 'carbon footprint'. I'd rather be a 'denier' of a dumb, fact free doomsday cult than a two bit hypocrite. Judging by all recent elections, most Australians agree.


Yep, Mal sure needs more fibre in his diet.


Malcolm Turnbull is sounding like a broken record. Without the UN's Global Warming/Climate Change agenda - does Malcolm/AlexTurnbull & puppet Greta sing any other tune?

Would they still be chanting the Climate Change mantra if it didn't involve multibillion$ flowing into the coffers of some -at the expense of Western nations?

Mud crab

Reply to Paul 100% right

Michelle Two

Most telling as who are the masters pulling the strings..
Bishop and Turnbull were building relations with EU countries and France has a lot to gain with all the investments they have sneakily come into Australia with the Privitisation of Government utilities and those multinational takeovers the government of France has controlling interest in these companies.. so by stealth the dictatorial EU/UN have been entering not only our nation but all neighboring Islands as our bureaucratic leaders have done the bidding for them to also steal and control our natural resources...

Continue to observe these souls as the Establishment loses further control..


I bet you never saw the CSIRO glasshouses Malcolm, all hail damaged.
Did you see the air cond humidifiers feeding the glasshouses? Four per glasshouse??
Guess what the output was Malcolm ???
CO2, lots of it. Tons of it. Literally.
Do a calc, pass it on. Hail Malcolm.
Sell it to the Greenies, guaranteed minimums, why invest elsewhere.
Factor it in to the Koala regeneration, must be a quid in it, underwritten by the Greens....

Technetium 99

Hahahahaha !! Oh pleeese.....’just a case of physics’......then read how CO2 when absorbing the two bands of Infra-red radiation actually levels off logarithmically at higher levels as the concentrations in air increase......the miserable ghost fails science every time....

Tony H

Trump had this treasonous wanker figured in five minutes! Probably still smarting that he didn’t get a dinner in his honour! Mr Trumble worst phone call ever!


How I wish somebody would fit an on/off switch to this bloke, that way we wouldn't have to put up his ramblings anymore.


Simple question for Turnbull.

How much electricity would be produced by a solar panel after the big duststorm, also how much would it cost to clean a few thousand in a commercial farm? Meanwhile NO ELECTRICITY.

How much to replace thousands of solar panels if they were hit by the hail stone that got Canberra? Meanwhile NO ELECTRICITY.

YOU FOOL solar panel and wind are not a viable alternative.


It's an unforgettable image of Malcolm the Magnificent and Julie Bishop in Parliament the day of the 2016 US election result and to see the very notable body language. It was like they had both eaten a dog poo sandwhich.


Malcolm should be charged with insider trading for the way he is trying to talk up renewables where he has heavy investments.

Up The Workers!

I see that the line under the last mug-shot of Halal Mal, above, reads: "Posted at 2.13pm in Craig Thompson..."

Do you know something about Halal Mal's sexual habits that is yet to be revealed?

Whose Platinum card is he using?

Which Unionists might he be ripping off for his daily "Rub-and-Tuggery" horizontal-jogging work-outs?

Has AnAl the Brothel-Hopper offered him a lifetime of "freebies" down at his Marrickville 'local', for all Turncoat's help and assistance in traitorously white-anting his own former Party?


MT, the more CO2 you put in the atmosphere, the less GHG effect it has; hence 'sensitivity'; see also TCR, ECS.

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