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Miserable ghost Turnbull calls for AOC-style Australian Green New Deal

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How much of our country has to burn, how many lives have to be lost, homes destroyed before we resolve as a nation to act on climate change?

Have we now reached the point where at last our response to global warming will be driven by engineering and economics rather than ideology and idiocy?

Our priority this decade should be our own green new deal in which we generate, as soon as possible, all of our electricity from zero emission sources. If we do, Australia will become a leader in the fight against global warming. And we can do it.

The cheapest new generation is from wind and solar. And every year they are getting cheaper. That is a fact. But they depend on the wind blowing or the sun shining. That’s why it is called variable renewable energy.

So we have to plan to store the energy when it is abundant so that supply is maintained when it is not.

This is why I prioritised pumped hydro when I was prime minister and started the Snowy 2.0 pumped hydro project and the Hydro Tasmania “battery of the nation”. Apart from pumped hydro, there are other storage opportunities including batteries and using renewable energy to make “green” hydrogen, itself a fuel, which brings with it huge export opportunities as well.

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