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Nine's 2GB soft-serve in 2020

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Welcome to the all new, all nice, 2GB - middle of the road radio. 

The station's management is embarrassed about the sort of people who tune in ... older more conservative people. So they are trying to scare them away.

2GB has been on top in Sydney for 14 years - running hard as conservative talk radio. It's a formula that has delivered huge success and the station has become a major part of the country's political discourse. 
The audience is predominantly over 50 - and the mad left has been saying for years "2GB's listeners are dying". It's an illogical and stupid argument but clearly one the new age owners have been sucked into believing. 
So, in 2020 - they're running back towards the centre in the hope of attracting new listeners who will never listen to the station. 
He's a quick snap shot. Have a listen to John Stanley's 8am editorial on the Alan Jones show ... four minutes of very safe, opinionless, nice, gabble - radio gaga. 
In the entire segment, not a thing said to provoke or offend a soul. 


Then there's the very progressive move to put Deborah Knight on the air in what was once Chris Smith's timeslot. They needed somewhere to put her because there was no room at Channel 9 - so just chuck her on 2GB. Lock yourself in for more chitter chatter. 

The station's only saviour will again be Alan Jones who the dills spent most of last year trying to sack.
The joke for a while has been the station should be renamed "9GB". If Stanley and Deb are any indication of what's ahead, more like 2 G Bore. 
Won't be long until Peter Fitz gets wheeled in the door. 
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