Sydney this morning - shame it's all going down the drain and out to sea
Bloomberg milks the fires

Nine's SMH finds climate change doom everywhere - even in the breaking of the drought

Wowsers and killjoys.


As we finally find some relief from the misery - along comes Nine/Fairfax to kill the party.

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Australia's greenhouse gas emissions are likely to rise if there is a break in the intense drought in eastern Australia, sinking the Morrison government's goal of lowering emissions in the short term.

The agriculture sector did most of the heavy lifting in emissions reduction in the year ending May 2019, falling by 4.2 million tonnes to 67.4 million tonnes. It reduced the sector's greenhouse contribution by 5.87 per cent, compared to the electricity sector's 1.15 per cent reduction.

"That big drop in agriculture was twice the emissions reduction that came from the record rollout of renewables. But it's all built on the suffering of Australia's farmers under drought," Climate Council senior researcher Tim Baxter said.

The weather outlook is improving and the livestock sector is poised to rebound swiftly when the drought breaks.