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Paul Bongiorno never landed a punch in his decades at Channel 10. Now he says it's Australia's fault he was a joke

Paul Bongiorno was the host of Channel 10’s Meet the Press every Sunday for 16 years.

It was a joke.

Just like Bongiorno.

In the Howard years, the Labor Opposition used to queue up with the talking points to get on – knowing they’d never get a curly one.

Bongiorno's ratings were so bad that the Government just wrote the show off and ignored him as he stumbled and bumbled his way through without landing a punch that anyone cared about.

Now, he explains that it’s Australia’s fault he went soft all the time:

Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 12.29.52 pm


Laurie Oakes was on the Sunday Show on Channel 9 forever and kicked his backside in the ratings and reputation.

Mr Oakes has handed Mr Bongiorno his backside on a plate.

Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 12.29.52 pm


We've had it confirmed in retirement that Bongiorno was a committed leftist – who’s more of a twitter activist these days.

The Australian media is full of people like Paul Bongiorno.

Weak as water but quick to blame others for their lack of courage.