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President Trump supports Iran's people against their regime - the regime Julie Bishop bowed to

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Julie Bishop sides with Iran over the United States

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Where's the disappointment with Iran?

Where's the support for Prime Minister Netanyahu or President Trump?

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This video must be seen to be believed.

Bishop bows with her hand on her heart while Iran's good ole boy stares at her breasts.

Julie Bishop deluded if she thinks this is progress with Iran


On present behaviour, and on all possible interpretations of its many clear public statements, the Iranian government has absolutely no intention of becoming a responsible international player.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is deluded if she thinks otherwise and is in danger of squandering a good deal of her integrity as a political leader through her political embrace of Iran.

Since the Iran-US nuclear deal, there is no sign at all that the hardline, revolutionary regime in Tehran has changed its behaviour or approach, fundamentally or superficially.

As Bishop is singing the praises of Iran’s allegedly new disposition, we find that it has just conducted a series of ballistic missile launches in breach of UN Security Council resolutions.

An Australian ship has recently intercepted an illegal arms shipment bound for Yemen, probably to the Houthi faction, supplied by Iran.

Tehran remains the chief sponsor of Hezbollah in Lebanon and Syria.

Under Australian law, and under much international law, Hezbollah is a designated terrorist organisation.

The hate-filled, anti-American, anti-Israel and frequently anti-Semitic rhetoric of the Iranian leadership continues unabashed. 

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