Good to have a US President who offs Iran's leaders in airstrikes instead of sending them pallets of $USD cash
From Viv Forbes - put foresters back into our forests


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Who would want to be the next Iranian General?


RE;The next GENERAL; Only if you were good to the USA & ISRAEL; Israel is the only democratic country in the M E.It is the the last bulwark of the west before we all loose control of the area.Putin would love to have the M E handed over to him on a plate.He is patiently waiting. Indeed most of the Arabs and Iran would dearly want to DESTROY the USA & ISRAEL. Fortunately or CREATOR WILL NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!. Certainly not at the moment- in fact ADONAI blesses Israel. yes ISRAEL.

If only Iran respected and accepted and recognized ISRAEL as a country then they
can live peacefully in the land that G-D PROMISED to them in the last days. Israel lives on only 0.50% of the land mass - what is their beef?? IRAN IS NOT EVEN AN ARAB COUNTRY- Why do they use their power through proxy terrorist forces?
Did you know Russia - China - and Iran have are about to conclude a huge Military exercise
the west says it makes NATO look like kindergarten play.

Yet IRAN threaten them almost daily"THEY will drive them into the sea & wiped off the face of the earth "

The last general general Hated both the USA & Israel (& THE WEST)

General Soleimani, was evil in every sense of the word..

HaShem keeps to his promises not like man! May G-D Be In Control.

Michelle Two

Looks like it is starting with the taking down of Pelosi and Biden..which would mean Obama as well who was behind all orders..
I keep seeing the numbers 333 on so the triad numbers to let us know the angels and spirit are near so the divine connection of masculine, feminine and spirit are united and to trust the soul plan as what we need will be provided so always use your manifesting powers.. love and light xx
At 2:45am James Zimmerman the fire fighter doing live streams I linked before was sitting on the roof drinking a bottle of milk as the rain started falling..

Here is a photo of my brother in law he is on the left Christian..

SAS monty

To all those who criticise our PM . Bury your heads in shame..You armchair critics are a product of Green so-called environmentalists who never get out in the real world and do good for mankind. Re his turning his back on a person who should have been directing her anger at the idiot people who run their programs from a desk not going out to the trouble parks covered in ground fuel ready to explode.suck it up lady you made a fool of yourself. SAS monty

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