Richard di Natale demands Royal Commission into bushfires - Richard have you read Victoria's 1939 bushfire RC report? It's all there.
Goin' to the pub!

President Trump's spot-on critique of Paris as dozens of cars set alight on New Year's Eve

We've reported in past years on Paris's imported annual NYE Festival of the Burning Cars.

Donald Trump sure has a way with words.

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Stan M

The "Burning Cars" is a regular event hosted by Macron's Multicultural Policies. These events are given in appreciation by the recipients and enablers of these policies.



Michelle Two

It is created by ognorant souls in fear.. the Darkforce manifesto and souls not willing to learn or tune into the new frequencies that come in the new energy. .they believe they know it all they know and light xx

Michelle Two

"IGNORANT" Sorry phone tongue..

Wayne Shaft

The Burning Of The Cars 🚗 once Such A Civilised Nation 🦜Import The Third World 🌎 Become The Third World 🌎And That Little Ponce Macron Giggled Behind President Trumps Back .😐

Michelle Two

The mass awakening is active with every darkforce manifesto rising .. so the energy is turning souls violent, frustrated, angry, bored and until they align with the new energy frequencies this is going to be ongoing until souls of the light start to stand up for themselves after doing their soul searching on what to believe as more and more will be exposed..
So many souls are so much in ego they will only ever see the negative and voice it as those in the light they do not understand, nor do they wish to as they are so ignorant in their own world they don't believe knowledge or truth is going to help them, as they will believe we are doomed because of the darkforce fear illusion as the darkforce rises you will believe they are in control and you are powerless against their force, but you are buying into the illusion of being their victim and will want someone to do the fighting for you while they sit back as an armchair warrior feeding the darkforce with their fear energy...
Not this little black dark, they don't have the power to control me as I am protected by the light forces and my own light against all fear conditioning that is creating slaves of us all to the Illuminati and secret societies that will be coming out for exposure..
So grab your popcorn as the light workers united have this darkforce on the run you can tell by the actions above they are desperate to cause distractions and get their control back...
Just so you know those of the light have never lost a battle in the pages of history, as the body is killed the soul is eternal, we are nuts for returning to save those who don't wish to save themselves but the love is so great that we want to see the freedom and peace return to the ever ungrateful ignorant souls that don't want to learn or use their intuition to save themselves.. love and light xx

Big Moose

As Tim Blair has noted in the past this is the annual car-b-que that Paris has at this time of year.


Poor old DJT, all alone at Mar-A-Lago surrounded by all those people.

STRONG WORDS: Rudy Giuliani on democrats, impeachment at Mar-A-Lago NYE party

Party down with the Patriarchy. :-)


Even the GUARDIAN says cooler, more moist weather will break drought and reduce fire dangers both at top end and down South....

Michelle Two

Sorry!! "Little black duck" the rest are sheeple in the animal farm of life... following the orders of the darkforce through all sections of society.. they are so blind the enemy within would rob them blind and they wouldn't even notice.. or understand why?
They question nothing so don't seek truth, when boredom and ego takes over so does the apathy and desire to learn more..

Soul is tired not physically but within having worked so hard internally and the disappointment with souls being so caught up in ego they have lost the ability to care about others or even learn from them...they don't even care about themselves in that process.. love and light xx

Heartless xx

Up The Workers!

President Macron is sure no "Big Mac".

He is more a Mung Bean with rouge and a squirt of cologne.

It's a pity he and old Mutti Merkel weren't having a 'slap and tickle' on the back seat of one of those toasty cars when they had their annual Leftard 'Diversity' roast.

Once upon a time, Paris was actually known as the "City of Love", but that was before they had all this Leftard 'Diversity' thrust upon them from the religion of Pieces.


Paris... "the City of A-Light'...

seeker of truth

Thanks for that. Giuliani likening it to a coup and has a look of Mccrthyism prosecutions. Rudy now has fresh evidence from his visit to Ukraine. I hope we hear the details soon. Corruption big time involving US politicians and companies.

Bikinis not Burkas

Islam making a difference in the world,

one body at a time!

Dennis Thompson

To do in 2020

New world order based on Commonwealth of Nations and allies such as the USA.



UN "Paris Climate Change" right here & in action here folks !(for "Lucy" ? Car owners !)

But Hey ! "Green Sheeple" lets keep up with all the pretense !


Michael (Tango Delta Alpha)

I hope we get to hear from Giuliani in his own trial for soliciting foreign government involvement in a US election. Always fun to watch a madman ramble.

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