Call for Aust Govt to withdraw $43M Palestinian funding after terrorist Abbas rejects Trump peace plan
Greta, good news, you can give it away, ABC News has spoken and "The future of coal has already been decided"

Scott Morrison take note! Terrific ad from US Republicans to the silent majority "They think you're a joke".

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(Prime Minister and Jenny Morrison with the Shortens at the Canberra Press Gallery's Midwinter Ball)

Scott Morrison and his team are too close to the Canberra Press Gallery.

They socialise and joke together.

The Australian Liberals play up to the press gallery and try to curry favour with them.

It's totally the wrong strategy.

President Trump understands this.

He doesn't interact with the media.

Nor should PM Morrison.

The mainstream media is the enemy.

This is what mainstream media and The Left think of the silent majority.

Prime Minister take note - and act on it!