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Vale broadcaster Grant Goldman - one of the greats

From our great mate Jason Morrison.

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Grant was everywhere, always with a great sense of humour!

You will be much missed.


Jason Morrison's tribute

Grant Goldman had an instantly recognisable voice that made him a legend in the radio business.

A funny & talented bloke with a magnificent, warm sound and personality. He was a genuinely good man .. always generous who gave many in radio their big break.

He was 55 years on the air, from the age 14 and worked on almost every station on the dial.

Grant was the voice of everything - stadiums, trains, TV stations, the Olympics but, most significantly, he was born to be on the air with a kind of "instant charisma" - a life long ambassador for Tamworth.

At one stage everyone of his kids was on or in the radio. Goldmans' were everywhere! Mike, Jay, and Rochana all made their mark in radio and Lucas was doing voice over work when he was in Primary school.

At the time GG took a break with illness, he was the second longest serving breakfast announcer on Sydney radio after Alan - almost 20 years.

This tells you plenty about the bloke: for almost everyone of those days on 2SM - Justin Ross was his producer. Justin's day one in radio, straight out of school, was with GG and he stayed as his right hand man all the way.

All the best to Justin, Bill Caralis and the 2SM family - and to the Goldmans' who should know how much their Dad was loved and respected in the radio industry.