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ASIO chief says Islamic terror is our top security threat but ABC News reports it's Neo Nazis

This is a quote from the ABC's coverage of ASIO chief Mike Burgess's annual security threat assessment

He said "violent Islamic extremism", embodied by Islamic State and al'Qaida, remained ASIO's top concern.

Got that?

So what does the ABC run as its headline?

Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 9.22.23 am

Neo-Nazis are emerging as one of Australia's most challenging security threats, according to the country's top intelligence chief.

Key points:

  • ASIO director-general Mike Burgess says foreign interference is at levels greater than during the Cold War
  • He's warned a terror attack in Australia is "probable", with investigations doubling in the past year
  • He warned right-wing extremism had come into "sharp, terrible focus" since the Christchurch massacre

ASIO director general Mike Burgess said "small cells" of right-wing extremists were regularly gathering to salute Nazi flags, inspect weapons and to disperse their "hateful ideology".

In a rare public address from inside ASIO's heavily fortified Canberra headquarters, Mr Burgess said foreign espionage and interference activities against Australia were higher now than at any time during the Cold War.

While delivering ASIO's annual threat assessment, the director-general warned a terrorist attack on Australia was still "probable" and it was "truly disturbing" to see extremists trying to recruit children as young as 13 or 14.

And he said "violent Islamic extremism", embodied by Islamic State and al'Qaida, remained ASIO's top concern.

"The number of terrorism leads we are investigating right now has doubled since this time last year," Mr Burgess told an audience of diplomats and intelligence officers.

"The character of terrorism will continue to evolve and we believe that it will take on a more dispersed and diversified face."


NB - Note the ABC puts violent Islamic extremism in inverted commas, as though the ASIO chief was talking about something yet to be accepted as real or proven?

No agendas at our unbiased public broadcaster.