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A (MISERABLE) GHOST TALE - by George Christensen

Once upon a time there was a miserable ghost - a dejected, pathetic, bitter and twisted miserable ghost.

Because this miserable ghost had faded away to a mere apparition, he decided to regain relevancy by haunting the corridors of parliament and spooking politicians.

“Boooo!” wailed the miserable ghost, “Coal-fired power is nuts!”

And yet when he had a body, the miserable ghost promised Queensland a coal-fired power station. The ghost was as hypocritical as he was transparent.

“Boooo!” he wailed again, rattling the chains of the fake news media, “I’m going to spook some of my enemies.”

But no one was actually spooked, because they didn’t believe in miserable ghosts or the spooky stories they told.

They knew the spooky stories were not only frighteningly false but also payback for those who politically disembodied the miserable ghost on issues like superannuation, the sugar code of conduct and the banking royal commission.

But what the miserable ghost didn’t realise is that his skeleton was still in a closet somewhere in Canberra and those he was trying to spook knew exactly where that skeleton was! That skeleton would indeed be taken out and put on display if the miserable ghost kept spooking people.

The miserable ghost became a sad and sorry faded memory, writing works of fiction - a miserable ghost writer trying to settle old scores. Everyone else lived happily ever after.