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No disrespect to his interlocutor, but Kevin Rudd is appalling in this made-for-Youtube presentation.

It's so undignified, unbecoming of a purported elder-statesman - and so very, very Rudd.

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Former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd has given an explosive interview in which he claims Scott Morrison is 'unfit for office'. 

In the interview uploaded on Thursday, the 62-year-old sat down in Sydney with YouTuber Friendlyjordies, who donned a 'Kevin07' t-shirt. 

Mr Rudd argued that after the 'summer apocalypse' bushfire crisis, even the most ardent right-wing commentators might be questioning whether absolute climate change denialism is sustainable. 

'Scotty from Marketing has been demonstrated by his response to the fires, and their long term cause, to be unfit for office,' Mr Rudd said. 

Kevin Rudd says 'Scotty from Marketing' is 'unfit for office'

'I think that is now a deep ingrained learning in the Australian community.' 

'The political polling to reflect that will bounce around a little bit - but there is this deep learning about this guy - which is that he is paper thin.' 

The former Labor PM said the Australian public, in his view, looks at two things when they see a politician talking, those are; 'Do they know what they're talking about?' 

And: 'Do they believe what they're talking about?' 

'Now with Scotty from Marketing I'm not sure he does know what he's talking about and I have no idea what this guy actually believes about climate change.