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Labor says we need a racism campaign because Tim Sudafednasalspray got called names

Good to see Labor's lawyers and latte sippers clutching their pearls.

They continue to make themselves unelectable.

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The coronavirus outbreak is being used as an excuse for xenophobic behaviour towards Asians, Labor frontbencher Andrew Giles will warn on Wednesday as he calls for a new national anti-racism campaign.

Pointing to the example of a News Corp columnist mocking the name of former race discrimination commissioner Tim Soutphommasane, Mr Giles will sound the alarm about a "creeping normalisation of hate and racism" in Australia.

Citing "near-constant denigration" of African-Australians in some parts of the media, violent attacks on people of Asian appearance in Melbourne and Sydney in recent years and a spike in attacks on Australian Muslims, the opposition spokesman for multicultural affairs will say racism in Australia is on the rise.

Seven years since the last national anti-racism campaign was launched by the Gillard government, he will say the government must renew its commitment to anti-racism and equality, "remembering that the standard we walk past is the standard we accept".

"It can do this by funding a new national anti-racism campaign, promoting a zero tolerance approach to racism," he will say in a speech at the Advancing Community Cohesion Conference in Parramatta on Wednesday morning.

"The aim must be to help create a culture where people are able to identify racism or discrimination and have the confidence and ability to act when they see it."

In a recent post about the coronavirus, Daily Telegraphcolumnist Tim Blair referred to Dr Soutphommasane as "former Human Rights Commission race hustler Tim Sudafednasalspray".

"Whether it's on Facebook or in the supermarket; whether it's on the football field or on the street, or the disadvantage experienced by our First Peoples – racism persists in Australia," Mr Giles will say.

If the government didn't step in, "we may end up with more racism, more violence and a country that no longer resembles what we love most about Australia".

"Across Australia, people and organisations are doing good things to reduce and prevent racism, particularly following the high-profile Adam Goodes documentaries," Mr Giles will say. "But they can't do it alone, we also need political leadership."


BTW check out this guy's title, "Shadow Minister for Assisting Immigration" - that'll go down a treat at the election.

Labor might do a bit better if they focussed on us, not them.

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