ABC 4 Corners jumps on the Nazis in Australia bandwagon - how about revisiting the Trump/Russia "story of the century"?
Ah, Mike, I think that was Rudy Giuliani old mate.

Statement from the Chairman of the Council for the Order of Australia about Ms Bettina Arndt AM

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A statement from the Chairman of the Council for the Order of Australia, the Honourable Shane Stone AC QC.

The Council for the Order of Australia has received correspondence relating to the appointment of Ms Bettina Arndt AM as a Member of the Order of Australia.

There is a standard process when consideration is given to terminating an appointment or cancelling an award in the Order of Australia.  This is followed in all cases.

In practice, the Governor-General does not act on any matter relating to the Order of Australia other than on the advice of the Council.

The Council, which comprises representatives of each state and territory, and community representatives (details of which are available at, will consider the correspondence that it has received in a methodical way.   

It is important to note that the Council’s consideration of any individual matter is based on factual information and not by external pressure or lobbying.

Neither the Council or I will be providing a running commentary on our deliberations.

At the conclusion of our consideration, the Council will inform the member of the outcome.