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TOO WOKE - Prince William "furious" all the good Brit films were made by white people

Here's the key line from The Sun's story:

Nominations and winners are picked by the organisation’s 6,500 members.

Gonna be a great speech from The Prince, "You idiots, you voted for the films and artists you actually thought were best, what were you thinking?"

Better sack the industry.

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BAFTA President Prince William has raised concerns about the lack of diversity at tomorrow’s awards.

He intends to use his speech on the night to bemoan the absence of Black, Asian, and minority ethnic talent in the top four acting categories.


Critics have also slammed  Bafta for its all-male  Best Director nominees.

Sources say William has made his feelings clear to chief executive Amanda Berry.

The unprecedented move has heaped pressure on Bafta ahead of the star-studded ceremony this weekend, which Wills has agreed to attend with wife Kate for the fourth year in a row.

One said: “He supports Bafta but is concerned and disappointed.

“He recognises there is so much talent in the industry, so for all the nominations to be white again isn’t good enough.

“It’s not about one year in isolation. It’s about the fact we’re having this conversation every year. Something is systemically wrong here.”

Execs are braced for his speech. Amanda is panicked. There are shockwaves.”