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Triple M jumps the shark courtesy of Clementine Ford


Triple M people assure us this is a piss-take.



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UPDATE - the attention seeking Ms Ford also thought the world needed to see herself in lingerie, it's an image that can't be unseen and it comes with a warning - click here at your own risk.

Quite seriously, it's pretty full-on and you might want to think twice about clicking to go to the sealed section here.

I recently did something VERY SCARY and took part in a shoot for @jbclingerie. I won’t lie - I had to get very drunk and high to summon the courage. 🤷‍♀️
BUT. I did it! And I met some incredible women. Here is a little thing I said to the wonderful proprietress.
“I’ve always felt a little excluded from conventional sexiness, but my thoughts on it have definitely changed as I’ve gotten older. I’m still not sure what it really means for me, but I feel it most strongly when I’m around people I have a good rapport with. Confidence has always been more achievable for me than “sexiness”, and that’s what I respond to in others as well. Intelligence, wit and self deprecating humour are all drawcards but so too is a passion for conversation and ideas. I don’t know that I’ll ever have that raw sexual fire some people seem to harness so effortlessly, but I’m becoming more and more okay with that.”
Thank you @jbclingerie for being so open and encouraging. And thank you to @kalindymillions for this fucking fierce photo ❤️❤️❤️
Underwear: @jbclingerie
📷: @kalindymillions

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