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Hands up if you were against gay marriage while you were in government?

Danny asks for a replay of PVO's fawning "I believe you" Julia Gillard PR lovefest

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Happy to help out!

What Slater and Gordon says is a matter for Slater and Gordon (and Julia Gillard's former flatmate Julie Ligeti)


Julia Gillard (coached Peter van Onselen) is interviewed by Paul Kelly.  Kelly puts The AWU Scandal to Gillard, in particular the assertion reported in The Australian that her employers considered sacking her over her conduct - the exchange starts at 12.50 into the interview.

Kelly, "is it correct that in 1995 you had to resign as a partner from Slater and Gordon as a result of their investigation into misappropriation of funds around the legal entity that you had established?"

Gillard, "I am not going to dignify all of this scurrilous campaigning etc etc etc:"

The core question - did you resign as a partner in the law firm Slater and Gordon as a result of the AWU Scandal?


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