His point's well made. If a little coarse.
Great bedside manner doc!

From Garry & Wendy Goldsworthy on Spirit of Sobraon - Leading COVID-19 Expert From South Korea


We felt that this information is well worth passing on.

Please if you watch one video this week please make it this one. It will take 36 minutes of your time.

Unfortunately if you don't understand Korean you will have to read the subtitles, however by the end you will have a wealth of information and knowledge of covid-19. Information that will help you, your family, your friends and everyone that you come in contact with.

We are encouraging our friends to share it so that others can get a better understanding of how this virus spreads and can be stopped.

Maybe if the general population understands the virus they may even be able to stop the misinformation and then just maybe our Government may make wise intelligent decisions that don't mean the destruction of the economy and may just save a life or two.

As always Cheers and Fair Winds

Garry and Wendy

sv Spirit of Sobraon

Dear Garry and Wendy,

I agree wholeheartedly - great to hear the facts so well presented.