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Government to start texting Coronavirus messages to every Australian mobile phone

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Starting today, every Australian mobile phone will be sent a text message from the Australian Government with important steps each person can take to protect their own health, the health of their families and the health of the whole community from the coronavirus.

As the spread of the coronavirus increases, it’s vital every Australian understands the practical action they must take to look after themselves and help us protect those most at risk.

The text message will read:

Coronavirus Aus Gov msg: To stop the spread, stay 1.5m from others, follow rules on social gatherings, wash hands, stay home if sick.

The message was endorsed by the Chief Medical Officer, Professor Brendan Murphy, and was limited to 150 characters. Text messages will continue to be used as one of the range communications from the government to the Australian people, to re-inforce the importance of abiding by new restrictions and social distancing to save lives.

Nearly 36 million messages will be sent over coming days and we thank Telstra, Optus and Vodafone for their support in delivering this important message.  

We need every Australian to do their bit and understand how serious this health crisis is.

Australians should follow these simple actions to stop the spread of coronavirus:

  • Be at least 1.5 metres away from everyone and don’t gather with others
  • If you're sick, stay at home
  • Wash your hands and do it often
  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow and not your hands
  • Don't touch your face at all, even if it itches
  • And if you’ve returned from overseas or in isolation you must adhere to the rules

These measures will help us all to stop the spread of this virus and protect lives.

Staying away from others is not the Australian way of life but it's essential to our future and how we overcome coronavirus.



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I wonder if they will allow 'reply' like ef off!


Who, to you I think that goes without saying you most probably get told that everyday hour on the hour ,so my reply to make it twice in one hour is your advice ef- off

Andy L

Once international travel is allowed again, perhaps you might like to put your "reply" into action!

The Inside Line

Like it says in the ad, Compare the Pair.
2019 Seasonal Flu, hundreds dead, tens of thousands of reported cases and many hundreds hospitalised, not one single service, shop, business or function shut down.
2020 Covid 19, 8 dead, less than 2500 confirmed cases, the entire economy shut down and panic being spread to every corner of the country.
If Trump wasn't in the White House this would go on indefinitely while Shrillary ushered in the "New World Order." Trump has said he wants America back at work by Easter. Wonder if Scomo has an end date in sight or is this all too convenient a way to excuse budget failures?


Try it and find out instead of waiting for the Govt to tell you what to do.

Beam Me Up

Much as I dislike the idea of forced anything, I think it's past time for overseas arrivals to enter specific quarantine lock down, rather than "voluntary isolation".
There necessarily has to be travel from the point of entry to the home, be it via public transport, further domestic flights, bus or train travel, or even by private motor vehicle, with the possibility of stopping off at supermarket, bottle shop and chemist on the way to stock up for the 14 days ahead.
Such secondary travel within Australia exposes additional people (arguably essential services employees like supermarket and pharmacy staff) to possible human to human infection, and should be prevented if the government is actually serious about this.
It has never really been a viable proposition, and I think by now we've all heard of or know of careless or selfish people who've not bothered with self-isolation after arriving from overseas.


Yeah, trust them to do something totally useless like this and yet do absolutely NOTHING about the empty shelves.


I was looking for an excuse to ditch the phone.


What a bunch of baby cries. Look 'boys' I know you're all in the 'oldies' age group and susceptible to this fraud but stick it out, keep buying your dunny paper and you'll be right! Do you really need a text message telling you to 'wash your hands' - give me a break


Everybody knows you're not a REAL 747 captain hey


Boy underminder actually a long time fan and now you tell us we have to wait for the govt to tell us? Wake me up when the detection rate rises above 0.0001 per cent


Thanks inside keep pushing the figures some otherwise sensible folk here are getting a bit emotional wake me up when the detection rate is greater than 0 0001 per cent cheers


If you want to ditch the phone sign up with Optus more Chinamen


At least get the phrase right , and there is no panic here I just sit it out work when there is work and go about my business , I don't subscribe to any government group think , I probably wouldn't take to much notice of a text message, but I bet you would read it and waste a whole lot of energy frothing at the mouth over it, some of us are not that old, and to have a go at ones age shows your immaturity , allot of the contributors here have forgotten more than you will ever know , have a nice day enlightened one. :-)

Have a watch even though it may be a bit to deep for you to understand.


What the , Bex time for you.

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