Read what the US Democrats have stuffed into the Coronavirus relief package bill
Professor Hugh Montgomery with the arithmetic of Chinese Coronavirus


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Steve K

I suspect that he is trying to get his own back after the re-election of the Morrison government last May made him look like a fool with his election outcome predictions.

Journalists suck

If the world contracted piles, they would insert the enema into his arse.

I really detest this pratt


'So bad'.

Haha the POTUS corona has rubbed off on him.

Julie of Geelong

Keep playing it over, and over again Sam.

Yes, he’s such a freckin expert he should be PM!!!

Up The Workers!

Whenever the Labor(sic) Party licks the mosque door, they generously apply the magic sphincter-ointment to their Peter van Orifice - the love-child of Paul Bung-Journo and Michelle Grattan.

I predict that one day there will be a whole wing of Old Aunty Ita's Billion dollar "House of Presstitution and Ill-Repute" named after him.


My thoughts exactly - van Onselen has gone on and on about the PM having said he would go to the footy, trying to prove that the move to ban spectators was brought in to cover his bad move in saying he would go. In spite of the awful situation we are in, he just can't let go of this because he made the call, and just like the wrong call about the Coalition winning the election, he just can't let go of it. I can't imagine why The Australian continues to pay him to promote his own obsessions, although he fits perfectly with Channel Ten's constant negative portrayal of anything and everything the current government says and does. It seems that being told off on air by the Health Minister for trying to usurp the government's message on this virus crisis did nothing except make him even more determined to keep on carrying on.


Acting like a virus, breaking up society.


He's gone from Arsehole to Ankle status....about three foot lower than an arsehole.


Just another dickhead with an opinion. I'm sure he thinks the same of me, and I don't blame him.

Here's to back-up singers with angelic voices instead.

THE BABYS - Isn't It Time - John Waite

PVO's Amigo

This idiot from WA is a Prize Dickhead - Ch10 can keep him
At a time like this you need ONLY one Spokesman for Australia and no sniping - but that Labor for you


“Getting this stuff right is their job”. So is unbiased reporting PVO.
BTW that audio thing always makes me laugh! I hope SM enjoys it too (secretly anyway).


The PM did job on him at the w/e. Trying to take over the press conference, was put in his place by the PM. Spoilt brat syndrome. And he teachers politics?????

seeker of truth

But Anthony Albanese was going to the same rugby league match which was South Sydney Rabbitohs v. Cronulla Sharks. Albo is a mad Souths supporter.

This fact is overlooked by PVO.

Both politicians made the decision not to attend the match at about the same time.

The fact that Albo intended to go in the first place despite the corona virus fears didn't get the publicity it deserved. It was reported as a backflip by Morrison but it was also a backflip by Albo.

PVO only sees politics through Labor attack eyes. Albo and other Labor shadow ministers have announced that they are working with the Morrison government in the spirit of bipartisanship and won't be criticising the government. They are leaving that criticism to their favoured journos like up-himself PVO. Labor is still playing politics.


Just another myopic idiot....don’t watch his show, don’t read his crap in the Oz, etc -added to my “ABC-free” life -was bliss until the Chinese Flu arrived....
Thank you China.....Let’s hope the bible adage occurs “As ye sows, so shall ye reap”...roll on Karma...


Van Sooks-alot strikes again. Honestly, his nearly year long Morrison hissy fit is as laughable as his 82 seat prediction for the Shortman. Grow up son or get lost.


Let us hope the Corona virus does not last as long as the Trump Derangement Syndrome has in the U.S, constantly kept alive and revived by the Democrats and various denizens of the MSM who "backed the wrong horse" and were proved so wrong in their election forecasts.

Onsolen, the ABC and various other fellow travellers in the MSM in Australia became infected with a similar malaise now known as the Morrison Derangement Syndrome, triggered by their abject failure to correctly forecast the recent election result, despite their best efforts to adversely influence voters and sabotage the Coalition campaign.


No PVO, its the nurses that aren't ready. 4:1 ratios in Victoria and the majority of them, educated to a Degree level, haven't been trained in giving injections or using ventilators!


Yes, Onsolen, the ABC and various other fellow travellers in the MSM, are nauseating know-alls.

Regularly, they claim to know more than our political leaders and the highly skilled Public servants who are advising our leaders.

The media know-alls are just full of it and if they are simply mouthpieces for Labor then they do the ALP a great disservice driving away from them, voters of common sense.

Dennis Thompson

He has been on my don't bother to read list for years.

Doubtful John

I'm amazed he doesn't know next Thursday's Powerball numbers. He seems to know every other flappin' thing.

Robber Baron

"Spoilt brats with attitude"; that's exactly what universities are full to the brim with. I know, I spent the best part of 20 years working in them.

None are worth hiring in the private sector...none.

As for media...laughable clowns.


A legend in his own lunchbox. There's always one in any crowd.

Such a tiresome twat.


I am sick of f**kheads like this who second guess everything through the magic of hindsight.

Up the Workers!

"Ankles van Orifice!"

Three foot lower than where a Musbyterian applies his magic sphincter-ointment.

Hee hee hee!

Up The Workers!

What'll they think of next?

"Barristers" for making coffee at Maccas and "Professors of Wrongology" for gillarding Leftard propaganda for the World's only Party too dumb to spell its own name properly.

Labor(sic) - they have no place for "U".

Brad Ashworth

Facts time PVO...
We can easily bash our governments for not doing enough, but it seems we are a little more prepared than is common knowledge. In sheer numbers of tests done Australia is 5th in the world. We have done more than the USA and almost twice as many as the UK. Think about that! Only China, Russia, South Korea and Germany have done more tests. Tony Abbott recently said that Australia was prepared for this event...I didnt think so.. but the evidence is there... Still mighty painful for the country. But having the testing data means better decision making.


The problem with van Onselen is that he has spent too much time in universities & thinks he knows everything. Looks like the only politicians who gave him employment opportunities were Liberal MPs. Now he's putting the boot into them. Ungrateful s*d.

Up The Workers!

What advantage do Leftard University Chancellors see in appointing professional laughing-stock wrongologists as "Professors" at their Institutions?

I thought they were supposed to be institutions of advanced education - not shameful dead-ends for monocular closed-minded Leftard bigots.

Up The Workers!

With all these draconian restrictions on the movements, jobs and incomes of decent people, what similarly draconian fines have Dodgy Dan and his 40 Thieves prescribed for lawless protesting Union goons, knuckle-draggers, Excrement Regurgitated ferals, PETA, Uni students, Leftards, etc.,?

Has Dodgy Dan stopped his own $46,000.00 richer salary and those of all his fellow Parliamentary trough-snouters in the A.L.P.? He's good at stopping OTHER people's salaries and incomes.

Not that I'm suggesting for a moment that he and his fellow Parliamentary egregious trough-snouters in his Party are some sort of money-gouging hypocrites, of course, but the question needs to be asked!

When the going gets tough, Dodgy Dan and the 40 Parliamentary Thieves get richer!

Julie of Geelong

Couldn’t agree more seeker of the truth.

As Andrew Bolt always says “It’s the side not the principle”!!!

Albo only said he wouldn’t go to the game for brownie points - to make himself look good as he knew ScoMo would be in the poo for going!!


PVO trying to make himself seem all knowing with the benefits of hindsight.

When you’re reduced to appearing on The Project, Peter you’re definitely at the bottom of your journalistic career.

Still, perhaps PVO’s IQ matches that of The Project’s audience so it’s a perfect match of morons.

And yes Michael please keep playing his Scomo prediction.....Just love it!!

Julie of Geelong

I like that - “Ankles Van Oriface - good one!!!

That’s what he’ll be know as from now on!!

Bruce May

These Left Wing Scum Bags will happily murder thousands of late term healthy and perfect unborn children but scream blue murder as the virus kills the ice addicts, self inflicted AIDS, Diabetics and other life choices chosen by mainly the generational welfare recipients. I say good ridance.


You may have heard of the medical device we call the "retrospectoscope" which lets you see the things you would have done differently had you the information at the time that you now have after the fact.

All journalists seem to be blessed with one for use against the good-faith actions of everyone else.


But whose politics does he teach? His poor deluded students have hopefully taught themselves to research both side of politics.


Reminds me of a pre Morrison PM also with delusions of grandeur.


Onselen's lack of self-awareness sees him hurtling into a combination of oafishness and low class arrogance, with ignorance as his foundation; his ploy of basing articles around 20/20 after-sight fools very few. Such work requires no research, no assessment skills and a boorish persona ready to blame others for his smart alec, after the event, tripe.


Definitely yesterdays man. Time he took a real job in the real world.


Peter Van Ankel.....progressing to Peter Van Sole....


And still get it wrong every time 😂


Couldn’t hold one down....

Tom Atkinson

By no means the first time a prediction of his has left him looking like a fool!

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