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Kristina Kenneally & Labor put out media release over arrest of south coast man on terror charges

I wonder how many of these releases Nobody's Girl has put out about the other terrorist threat?

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New South Wales Police have confirmed a 21 year old NSW South Coast man has been arrested and charged with terrorism offences as part of a Joint Counter Terrorism Team (JCTT) investigation.
The man was arrested on Saturday with reports he expressed support for extreme right-wing ideology.
Labor congratulates NSW Police, Australian Federal Police and our national security and intelligence agencies for their hard work which led to this arrest.
As the Director General of ASIO Mike Burgess made clear in his Annual Threat Assessment, right wing extremism is a real and emerging threat that we cannot ignore.
It’s important the Australian community understands this because we will have to work together to curb the threat of right wing extremists who look to sow discord and inflict harm on Australians.

It is incumbent on the Australian government and all federal parliamentarians to take the terrorist threat of right-wing extremism seriously and respond appropriately – including adequately funding Countering Violent Extremism programs.