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Qld Government announcement on home confinement for Queenslanders

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Home confinement for Queenslanders

Under the new Home Confinement Direction, you should not leave your home unless absolutely necessary for the following permitted reasons:

  • do essential shopping or for other essential goods and services
  • receive medical treatment or health services
  • exercise, either alone or with one other person or a family group
  • do work that is essential and cannot be done from home (this is any type of work that is not restricted under the ‘non-essential business activity and undertaking closure’ direction)
  • visit a terminally ill relative or attend a funeral
  • care for or support an immediate family member
  • attend Court or comply with a Court order
  • attend a childcare facility, school, university, or other educational institution to receive instruction that is not possible to receive at home.

If you do need to leave your home for one of these permitted reasons, you may do so with members of your household, or with one person who is not a member of your household.

We strongly urge people aged over 70, anybody over 60 with a chronic disease, and Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples over 50 to stay at home for their own protection. If you do have to go out, you can be accompanied by a support person.

Not following any of these regulations without reasonable excuse is a breach of the Public Health Act 2005 and you may be fined up to $1,330 for individuals and $6,670 for corporations.

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