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Survey on Australia's broadband speeds

I think Australia has been left behind in the broadband race.

The Conroy/Rudd/Turnbull back of the beercoaster NBN is performing exactly as designed - like any other lumbering, inefficient, government-funded monopoly.

But we can't say that with any certainty without reliable data.

I'd like us all to know what sort of broadband service other Australians really experience at home and work.

As a start, let's collect some data here!  If there's sufficient interest, we can then build this data set into a bigger online survey.

First step is to go to the Ooklah broadband speed test site:

That should bring up a screen like this

Screen Shot 2020-03-08 at 11.25.16 amThen click Go!

That will bring up a speedo showing you how fast your download and upload speeds are.

I just tested my computer in a cafe on the tiny island of Koh Lanta Thailand.

Screen Shot 2020-03-08 at 9.28.10 am

The cafe is part of a medium sized resort with maybe 50 guests.

The British bloke who owns it told me his broadband bill is $55 AUD per month and it's always that sort of reliable speed - and it's free for guests in the hotel or cafe.

So after you've run your test, the questions for our survey are:







As a guide, my response today would be:

LOCATION - Koh Lanta Thailand

DOWNLOAD SPEED - 401.5 mbps


PRICE PER MONTH - free of charge

PROVIDER - TOT Telephone Organisation of Thailand

Love to get as many comments/responses as possible so please tell your friends!