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Yet another media outlet bites the dust further concentrating news reporting


Great comment from my friend James Morrow.

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This is really, really, really bad news.

The Canberra press gallery already decides what's news and what's not.

This shutdown further concentrates the power of Nine, News Ltd and most revoltingly Their ABC.


Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 11.10.13 amAustralian Associated Press will be broken up after 85 years, with its national newswire to be shut on June 26 and some of its remaining media operations sold off.

Chief executive Bruce Davidson informed staff at 2pm of the decision by AAP’s shareholders, which include News Corp Australia, Nine Entertainment, Seven West Media and Australian Community Media.

Mr Davidson told staff that Nine and News Corp will boost their staff numbers and “there will be opportunities for some of our staff”, according to a tweet by AAP’s political reporter and chief of staff Daniel McCulloch.

“It is a great loss that professional and researched information provided by AAP is being substituted by with the unresearched and often inaccurate information that masquerades as real news on digital platforms,” added Mr Reid, who is also a senior News Corp executive.

Mr Davidson said in a media release that AAP has been a “critical part of journalism in Australia since 1935, and it is tragic that it will come to an end”.

“Hundreds of wonderful journalists made their start at AAP and went on to brilliant careers. Many others chose to stay with the agency for several decades and are part of the revered ‘AAP family’,” he said.

Medianet and Mediaverse will be sold off, but Pagemasters will also be shut down.